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Research Triangle High School | Architectural Design & Planning Group

Research Triangle High School

Architectural Design and Planning Group was commissioned in 2011 to assist in identifying locations and developing plans for the innovative new Research Triangle High School. This 4 year charter school was founded to expand upon the work of the Community Science Center, a groundbreaking effort to interest students in math and science through hands on collaboration with Research Triangle companies. The school emphasizes teaching by blending digital material and collaborative experiences. A strong emphasis is placed on encouraging student resourcefulness and self discipline.

After a challenging search for a suitable location, Research Triangle found an exceptional location for the new school at Park Center on Davies Drive. ADPG prepared master plans for the school campus and design and construction documents for Phase 1, encompassing the 9th grade. Construction was completed in August, 2012. Design documents for Phase 2, which includes the 10th and 11th grades, have been completed and construction is scheduled for completion in July, 2013. With a strong vision defined by the school’s leaders, students spend a significant amount of their time outside of traditional classrooms in a communal “café”, where discussions, free thinking and collaborative work can occur.

Construction of Phase 3 will occur in 2015, and will include additions to the existing building. Plans for this expansion will be based on an evolving building program defined by the experiences as the school matures. Also envisioned in this phase will outdoor learning labs and gathering space adjacent to the school.


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